Lose weight quickly with the PROTIFAST program

What is chrono-nutrition?

Usually prescribed by doctors, chrono-nutrition is an effective, fast and safe weight loss method. The high protein Protifast program is in fact offered to you in our dispensary accompanied by personalized dietary monitoring, because we believe that overall management of overweight is necessary to succeed in losing weight quickly.

This food rebalancing consists in particular in consuming pure proteins to be included in a diet low in carbohydrates and fat, with a precise supply of vitamins and minerals essential for the proper conduct of the slimming protocol.

The Protifast program for weight loss is carried out in 3 phases

The duration of the phases is determined according to the healthy weight to be achieved and therefore the pounds to lose to get there. Weight loss may vary depending on the basal metabolism of each person.

Phase 1 (the active phase) or how to lose weight quickly:


This stage lasts from 5 to 10 days maximum and aims for a weight loss ranging from 4 to 10 kg. Phase 1 consists of taking 4 to 6 sachets per day depending on whether you are a woman or a man and depending on your healthy weight to be achieved.

For weight loss greater than 15 kg, seek advice from your doctor or a nutritionist for medical follow-up on the basis of a protein diet protocol.

Phase 1 must be accompanied by food supplements essential for proper diet monitoring:

  • Erjean sodium chloride 500 mg (2 to 4 tablets per day). Orthostatic hypotension is often related to a lack of salt. Many women eliminate salt from their diet to prevent water retention in the body, however, the body’s daily requirement is 3 g per day to maintain normal blood pressure.
  • Potassium (non-medical over-the-counter dosage). A potassium deficiency is always manifested by muscle weakness which occurs especially in the lower limbs.
  • Calcium : during a high protein diet, we should provide about 1g of calcium per day. Drink water (1.5 to 2L). Hepar® water source of Magnesium if constipation
  • Drainuryl ® to eliminate toxins and for cellulite cures. Concentrated drainer, sugar and alcohol free, especially recommended during protein diets

In phase 1 the weight loss is spectacular but the most important thing will be to preserve the healthy weight regained thanks to the transition and stabilization phases.

Protifast Crousti’choco , Crousti’vanille , Crousti’noisette protein bars , etc. are compatible in phase 1 because they contain very few carbohydrates and are also without added sugar.

Phase 2 (the transition phase) or how to keep losing weight:


This stage lasts from 5 to 28 days maximum and aims to preserve the healthy weight obtained through phase 1. Phase 2 consists of taking 3 sachets of protein per day if you are a woman and 4 if you are a man.

The Phase 2 should also be accompanied by essential food supplements at the right monitoring regime. You can especially in this phase take meals with natural proteins at midday for lunch or in the evening for dinner.

Phase 3 (the consolidation phase):

The Phase 3 Protifast lasts 5 to 28 days and aims to continue to lose weight and maintain weight also its shape to avoid yoyo effect.

Low-calorie powdered diet products enriched in proteins are to be reconstituted with water. All the sachets have the same protein value with 18 g of pure and digestible proteins, 100% assimilable by the body. Protifast sachets contain all essential amino acids including leucine , methionine and tryptophan. The calculation for the number of sachets to consume per day and about 1g of protein per kilo of fitness weight and per 24 hours. It is important to consume its diet sachets daily to preserve muscle mass and melt fat. Even if you are not hungry thanks to the natural satiety effect of proteins, you must take your sachets! In addition, the chemical index and the protein digestibility index are the two quality criteria for following a high protein diet.

Protifast and contraindications

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Childhood or adolescence
  • Severe liver, heart or kidney failure
  • Unstabilized thyroid




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