The benefits of the body scrub

benefits of the body scrub

Great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter, all these generations have one thing in common : the dream of perfect skin . We have always spent our time finding THE moisturizer that combines efficiency , ease of use , pleasure for the senses and ingredients that respect the skin and the environment. Yet, we tend to forget that keeping skin well nourished and luminous requires more than the daily application of a moisturizer . An irreproachable hygiene of lifeis required: a healthy diet, quality sleep, at least 1.5L of water per day… All this contributes to enhancing the beauty of our skin and our well-being . But the sine qua non of a radiant skin of health is above all the regular EX-FO-LIA-TION of our epidermis! Let’s find out why the scrub is an essential ritual in our skincare routine. Zoom on the benefits of the body scrub !

The missions of the skin

The skin , the largest organ in the human body, plays several fundamental roles in the proper functioning of our body . First, it serves as a shield against external aggressions such as shocks, pollution, microbes, ultraviolet light … It also allows our body to regulate its temperature . Exposed to sunlight, it helps our body to synthesize vitamin D3 , a vital element for our immune system and the mineralization of bones, joints and teeth. Its fourth mission is to eliminate toxins via thesweating . It is therefore normal that, like any other organ, our skin needs special attention .

The scrub removes impurities

The epidermis , the most layer surface of the skin, consists of protective cells called keratinocytes . In constant renewal, these cells migrate to the surface to then fall and give way to new ones . The primary purpose of the exfoliating scrub is not only to eliminate these dead cells but to radically purify the surface of the epidermis. Exfoliation rids the skin of excess sebum, sweat and impurities that we face on a daily basis. These elements tend to clog the poresand to create imperfections such as hyperpigmentation, pimples, etc. Freed of impurities which tarnish its radiance and toxins which suffocate it, the skin regains a smooth and silky texture . In this context, “ getting a new skin ” is not just an expression!

The scrub promotes the proper functioning of blood vessels

Thanks to the light circular movements associated with the application of the treatment, the oxygenation of the tissues is favored and the skin can literally ” breathe “. Some scrubs with a rich grain texture , such as Caudalie’s Crushed Cabernet Scrub , will even stimulate blood circulation and act as a fat burner . Applied diligently, coupled with regular massage , this scrub coarse and enriched oils will drain the lymph, take off the fat and thus smooth out cellulite. This cult product of the brand is embellished with apleasant natural lemon scent .

The scrub enhances the tan

Whether you have decided to tan naturally or to bet on a self-tanner , the exfoliation is one of the prerequisites to achieve before working on your tan . Your skin texture is refined and clear , your tan will be more uniform and will last longer. The Rêve de Miel Gourmet Nourishing Body Scrub by Nuxe guarantees soft and luminous skin . Its moisturizing action helps maintain and prolong the tan .

The scrub enhances the effectiveness of care

After the exfoliation , the treatments penetrate the epidermis better. Indeed, freed of these impurities , the skin regains optimal position to receive care: moisturizing creams, nourishing care and slimming oils … If you chose the latter, we recommend the Cosmetic Scrub with Sea Salt from Caudalie . It is the ideal exfoliant to prepare the skin to assimilate slimming treatments . Without replacing oils and slimming creams, this exfoliating product completes the effects. Its exfoliating particles of different sizes will refine the skin texture and maximize the effects of the massageanti-cellulite .

The scrub facilitates hair removal and prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs

A successful hair removal is brewing. A good exfoliation will make hair removal faster and less painful . In addition, it will help us to avoid “post-hair” hassles . Indeed, after the exfoliation, the epidermis will be sharper and finer . The hairs will therefore have free rein and will not grow under the skin, practical to avoid ingrown hairs!

For our well-being and for the beauty of our skin, a ritual must be put in place. A body scrub is done once or twice a week. On clean skin, proceed to the exfoliation by operating circular gestures, starting from the lower body and going up to the chest. And above all, savor this very pleasant sensory experience which will allow you to enjoy a beauty and well-being break.

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