What are the benefits of surgras soap for our skin?

It’s a fact. Consumers are more and more demanding about the quality of the products they buy. For example, more and more of us are adopting organic products to take care of our body , and more particularly our skin.

Likewise, manufacturers are also committing to formulas based on natural ingredients, more respectful of the body… and of the environment ! The soaps surgras are part of the latest generation dermo everyone pulls. You have surely heard of it… But what is it really about, and what are the benefits? Let’s take a look at surgras soap in this post.

What about cold saponification

Surgras soap is soap obtained using the so-called “cold” saponification method . To produce it, the soap maker mixes fatty substances ( vegetable oils ) with a base, soda (sodium hydroxide) at low temperature to make a solid soap . The homogeneous paste obtained is then dried for at least 4 weeks, the “cold” chemical reaction which occurs until complete elimination of the soda is slower than when hot.

Thus, cold saponification makes it possible to retain all the natural “good” fat in the ingredients without altering it . This then results in a bar of soap rich in vegetable glycerin . This moisturizing, softening, non-comedogenic and low-allergenic active ingredient, the benefits of which on the skin, but also on the hair have been demonstrated many times. In addition, before complete solidification, the soap maker adds natural nutritious superfatters ( coconut oil , cocoa butter , olive oil, rice bran oil, etc.) for optimal hydration of the epidermis. This is what is worth to cold saponified soapstheir name ” surgras“. Thus, unlike the process of creating industrial soap, no additives of chemical origin are added to extract the glycerin. What makes it a healthy product for the skin because it keeps all its softness.

Finally, as it is carried out at low temperature or even at room temperature, the production of superfatted soaps is energy efficient, non-polluting and without waste . An eco-responsible aspect to be neglected!

The specificities of surgras soap

Beyond the ecological approach, surgras soap also owes its popularity to its multiple benefits for well-being and health . Here are three good reasons to choose superfatted soaps for your hygiene and your daily beauty routine !

Surgras soap protects the skin over time:

The hydrolipidic film is the natural surface layer (emulsion of water and fat) which protects the skin from external aggressions . Depending on the environment in which one operates, and more particularly when one has sensitive skin , it can deteriorate, limiting the protection of the skin against bacteria, fungi and impurities . To remedy this, bet on organic surgras soap which cleanses the skin while preserving this natural protective barrier . But not only. Thanks to its formulation rich in fat and vegetable glycerin , surgras cleaning products promotethe renewal and strengthening of the hydrolipidic film . The key: optimal protection, flexibility and hydration for sensitive or fragile skin.

Surgras soap to nourish the skin:

The superfatting agents contained in surgras soap come mainly from vegetable oils and butters . And as cold saponification preserves the original active ingredients , their virtues are then found in the bar of soap produced, to benefit your skin. A true ally of skin health, surgras soap deeply nourishes the skin . In addition, by forming a layer on the surface , it helps to slow the excessive evaporation of water . Consequently, your body envelope will have its own water reservoir, keeping its flexibility.in spite of external aggressions… A bit like the cactus which resists the drought of the desert!

Adapts to all skin types:

As you will have understood, the surgras soap gently cleanses, nourishes, moisturizes and protects. However, it is not reserved for dry and sensitive skin . On the contrary, its beneficial effects apply absolutely to all skin types. It is also highly recommended for the hygiene and care of atopic skin . In short, the only contraindication concerns pregnant or breastfeeding women, and young children when surgras bread contains essential oils . On the other hand, when this is not the case, the whole family can benefit from it!

Today, the trade conceals superfatted soaps declined ad infinitum . Some, having uncolored active ingredients , others containing plant extracts and essential oils with particular benefits. Still others are tinted with natural dyes and / or scented with aromatic plants .

In this category, we can cite the best-sellers of Soin et Nature, organic surgras soaps with Maison Berthe Guilhem shea butter . Of soaps surgras 100% organic solids that are good for your skin. Three formulas to choose from – shea-lavender, shea-sweet orange essential oil or shea-verbena infusion – to gently cleanse and deeply nourish the skin .

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