Essential oils

Essential oils are increasingly recognized for their benefits on well-being and health.But how to use them?Find our expert articles to advise and guide you in their use.

Essential oils have always been recognized for their benefits on well-being and health. But how to use them? Find our expert articles to advise and guide you in their use.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated liquid extracts obtained by steam distillation of aromatic plants, flower, leaf, wood, root, bark, fruit, etc. An essential oil is therefore defined as the distilled essence of the plant designated on its label. The essential oil is made up of around a hundred molecules that are particularly active on the human metabolism.

How to Select High Quality Essential Oils ?

Its name: It must be identified by two Latin names. The first name designates the genus and the second the species: Thymus vulgaris = Common thyme.
The oil-producing organ: Quality essential oils must be chemotyped, in other words, the plant organ must appear on the bottle.
Geographical origin: The label must also include the biotype, the terroir, but also the country of origin of the plant.
The method of cultivation: The method of extraction allowing to preserve the activity of the components can also appear there.

Who can use an essential oil?

Children and babies have “their essential oils” and “their dosages” all to them: do not treat them with those recommended for adults. They will instead use aromatic hydrosols. Pregnant women, apart from the formulas specially dedicated to them, refrain from taking any essential oil on your own. For the rest, you can benefit from the benefits of these oils.

How is an essential oil used?

Whether in the field of cosmetics, by the cutaneous, respiratory, oral, anal, vaginal or balneotherapy route, essential oils can be used as long as the different dilutions are respected. Some of them have contraindications. Organic and Natural Essential oils should never be used pure. They should always be diluted and by drops.

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