How to lose weight and fight against cellulite with essential oils?

How to lose weight and fight against cellulite with essential oils?

Essential oils are an excellent remedy to help us lose weight and fight cellulite in a natural and fast way . They facilitate and accelerate weight loss , in particular by helping to burn fat, reducing water retention and fighting against cravings.

How to fight cellulite?

Cellulite is a fatty mass that can be located on the thighs, buttocks and hips as well as on the upper arms. This cluster deforms the connective tissues under the skin, giving an “orange peel” or “dimpled” appearance.

Very often, cellulite is the result of poor blood circulation and poor elimination of toxins.

Do not confuse cellulite with being overweight : the two are unrelated. Cellulite is also more troublesome in thin women, because it is more visible.

We can remember three important points to eliminate cellulite :

  • Focus on a healthy and balanced diet
  • Practice regular physical activity
  • Perform massages promoting the elimination of cellulite (with essential oils)

Fight against cellulite with adapted essential oils

The active ingredients of certain essential oils help release fat and drain it by accelerating blood and lymphatic circulation. These are 3 essential points in the fight against cellulite.

They are most often used in massage, because the mechanical action reinforces the effectiveness of essential oils against cellulite.

In massage oil, they are incorporated into a vegetable oil base. The essential oil will somehow liquefy the fat and therefore help eliminate cellulite.

The essential oil against cellulite must also have virtues:

  • Purifying or detoxifying like juniper or lemon
  • Stimulants for blood circulation, such as green cypress and rosemary.

Some essential oils contain components that have the power to dissolve fat: ketones. This substance is found in the essential oils of cedar, linalool thyme, cinnamon and basil.

Taken orally, essential oil of basil is recommended (not to mention that this oil enhances dishes very well).

– Organic grapefruit essential oil is a precious ally for firming the skin and for getting rid of orange peel skin .

– Organic essential oil of bergamot is ideal to smooth the skin , but also to forget its ugly orange peel.

– Organic essential oil of Italian helichrysum helps you with the destocking of fats and therefore makes the orange peel skin disappear.

– Organic rose geranium essential oil helps dislodge fat stores and orange skin.

How to lose weight with essential oils?

To lose weight, it is important to start by detoxifying your body. Certain slimming essential oils go very well with the elimination of toxins . Others can help you when you have feelings of hunger which can accompany the resumption of a more balanced diet or the following of a diet.

Example of a slimming program with essential oils to accompany a slimming diet:

  • Morning and evening : massage cellulite areas using an anti-cellulite lotion with essential oils. Puressentiel slimming dry oil can be used for its triple action: fight cellulite by stimulating venous and lymphatic circulation, smooth and firm the skin.
  • Lunch : a dish with 2 drops of essential oil of basil or tarragon (in turn). Remember to also put a drop of lemon essential oil in a plain yoghurt (without sugar) for dessert.
  • Evening : 2 drops of carrot essential oil on a piece of bread before the meal.

Which essential oils to stimulate lymphatic and venous circulation?

Stimulating lymphatic and venous circulation completes the anti- cellulite action . Present in certain essential oils, diterpenic and sesquiterpenic molecules have the desired action.

– Organic essential oil of lemon : essential oil of lemon offers you a disinfiltrating action in case of water retention with slowed venous circulation (it stimulates small blood vessels).

– Organic rosewood essential oil : In addition to enveloping you in its delicate fragrance that is close to the rose, rosewood essential oil firms and regenerates skin tissue.

– Organic juniper essential oil: juniper essential oil is to be preferred in slimming diets thanks to its disinfiltrating and draining properties , it is perfect for eliminating water retention.

– Organic essential oil of cypress : essential oil of cypress is very useful in the event of swelling of the tissues, because it eliminates the retention of water which is accompanied by the feeling of heavy legs. Indeed it is an excellent venous tonic in fact.

– Organic rosemary camphor essential oil helps reduce excess subcutaneous fat and cellulite-like orange peel skin.

Fight against cellulite with essential oils thanks to the “palpate-roll” massage

In terms of gestures, the technique of massage with essential oils of palpate-rolling is the most effective in eliminating cellulite . It consists of peeling off a small “roll” of skin that is pinched between the thumbs and index fingers and rolled over a few centimeters. Ideal to help reduce love handles , but also plump bellies.

Massage technique with anti-cellulite essential oils to practice every day for 5 minutes on each critical area:

  • The epidermis is then well kneaded
  • Oxygenated tissues/cells
  • Stimulated microcirculation

We therefore end with long strokes, soft and relaxing, from the ankles to the bust, without forgetting the arms.

As a complementary method, you can turn to gemmotherapy to overcome cellulite naturally.

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