How to slim down and fight cellulite with essential oils

Huile onagre peau bienfaits

Essential oils are indicated in the treatment of rheumatism, allergies, neuralgia, bronchitis or even insomnia… However, they are also an excellent remedy to help us lose weight, as they facilitate and accelerate the loss of weights, including helping to burn fat, reducing water retention and fighting cravings and hunger . The active ingredients of some essential oils allow to drain, release fibers and speed up circulation, 3 essential points in the fight against cellulite with essential oils. They are most often used in massage and the mechanical action of the massage reinforces the effectiveness of the essential oil against cellulite.

How to eliminate cellulite?

Cellulite is a specific problem for women. Cellulite is a granular clump, a fat deposit at the thighs, buttocks and hips and the upper arms. This cluster distorts connective tissue under the skin, which is referred to as “orange peel” or “dimples”. In many cases, cellulite is the result of poor blood circulation and poor elimination of toxins. Do not confuse cellulite with overweight: the 2 have no relation. Cellulite is also more troublesome in thin women because it is more visible. Against cellulite, there is no miracle cure and you have to know that cellulite is long to eliminate. Three important points can be remembered for eliminating cellulite:

  • A healthy and balanced diet should be preferred,
  • Practicing regular physical activity
  • Perform massages to eliminate cellulite (with essential oil)

Effectiveness of essential oils against cellulite

Essential Oils will be incorporated into a vegetable oil base to make a massage oil. The essential oil will somehow liquefy the fats and will help to eliminate cellulite. Essential oils are a way to eliminate cellulite because they have the ability to dislodge fat, reinforced by the mechanical effects of massage. The essential oil against cellulite must also be endowed with virtues:

  • Depurative or détoxinante like juniper or lemon
  • or stimulating for blood circulation, such as green cypress and rosemary.

They are used in vegetable oil for a massage on localized areas.

How to use essential oils to lose weight

To lose weight, it is important to detoxinize your body. Some of the essential oils are very well accompanied by the elimination of toxins. Well-chosen essential oils can also help you when you have hunger sensations that can accompany the resumption of a more balanced diet or the follow-up of a diet. Example of a slimming program with essential oils to accompany a slimming diet:

  • Morning and evening: massage of cellulite zones using an anti-cellulite lotion with essential oils. Elancyl anti-Cellulite massage oil can be used for its double action: fight cellulite and stimulate venous and lymphatic circulation.
  • Midi: A dish decorated with 2 drops of essential oils of basil or tarragon (in turn). Remember to put a drop of lemon essential oil in a plain yogurt (no sugar) for dessert.
  • Evening: 2 drops of carrot essential oil on a crumb of bread before the meal.

What essential oils to reduce cellulite

Some essential oils include components that have the power to dissolve fats: ketones. This substance is found in essential oils from cedar, thyme to linalol, cinnamon and basil. The taking of certain oils is usually done by skin, in massage (cinnamon, thyme and cedar). The massages are more or less effective and the technique counts at least as much as the essential oil used. By mouth, the essential oil of Basil is recommended (not to mention that this oil decorates very well the dishes). -Organic grapefruit essential oil: The essential oil of grapefruit is a precious ally to firm up the skin and to get rid of the orange peel. -Organic Bergamot Essential Oil: Bergamot essential oil is ideal for smoothing the skin and forgetting its ugly orange skin. -Organic essential Oil of Italian Helichrysum: The essential oil of Hélicryse helps you to destock fat and removes the skin of orange. -Organic Geranium Rosat essential Oil: The essential oil of Geranium ROSAT helps to dislodge fat and orange skin.

What essential oils to stimulate lymphatic and venous circulation

Stimulating lymphatic and venous circulation completes anti-cellulite action. Present in some essential oils, the diterpene and sesquiterpene molecules have the desired action. They are found for example in essential oils of pine, cypress and cedar in particular. -Organic lemon Essential oil: Lemon Essential Oil offers you a deinfiltrating action in case of water retention with slowed venous circulation (it stimulates small blood vessels). -Organic rose Wood essential Oil: In addition to wrapping you with its delicate fragrance that is close to the rose, the essential oil of rose Wood strengthens and regenerates the skin tissues. It decreases wrinkles and brightens the complexion. -Organic Juniper Essential Oil: The essential oil of juniper is to be preferred in slimming diets thanks to its filtering and drainage properties, it is perfect to eliminate the water retention. -Essential Oil of cypress: The essential oil of cypress is very useful in case of swelling of the tissues because it allows to eliminate the water retention which accompanies the sensation of heavy legs. Indeed it is an excellent venous tonic. -Bio essential oil of rosemary camphor helps to absorb excess fat and skin of orange cellulite type.

Weight loss with a massage with essential oils with the method of Palpate roll

On the gestural side, the massage technique with the essential oils of the palpate-roll is the most effective to give the dimples capitulate. It consists of taking off a small “bead” of skin that is pinched between the thumbs and the indexes and that one rolls over a few centimeters. Ideal to help alleviate the love handles and rebounding belly. Massage Technique with essential oils anti cellulite to practice every day for 5 minutes on each critical zone:

  • The epidermis is then well kneaded
  • Tissues/Oxygenated Cells
  • Stimulated microcirculation

We end with long effleurage, soft and relaxing, ankles to the bust, not forgetting the arms. For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

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