Natural tips to fight against brittle and weakened hair

brittle and weakened hair

Our hair says a lot about us: our personality, the image we want to give of ourselves, our psychology… but it also gives information about our state of health or even stress . The symbolism of hair is very strong in most cultures. Whether they are synonymous with strength, recognition, resistance or femininity, in our Western society, we attach an important place to styling our hair, to color it, to cut it, to structure it, to nourish it with the help of masks. or products of all kinds. If it is important to take care of it “from the outside”, naturopathy will favor an approach to the cause of the symptoms (fall, fragility, dull appearance, etc.)

What is our hair made of?

There are approximately 100 to 150,000 hairs on our head and each rod (visible part of the hair) is made up of water, lipids, trace elements (especially zinc, iodine, calcium, manganese), pigments and especially proteins; the keratins (fibrous materials that give hair its strength with a significant amount of sulfur).

If it is normal to lose hair every day (between 60 and 80 on average), certain periods are marked by too much hair loss and it is good to wonder.
Stress, an external change (climate), an infection, a hormonal change or a moment of fatigue can be the cause. The acid-base balance so dear to the naturopath is often found disturbed, signing a demineralization of the body.

Healthy lifestyle for healthy hair

She tops the list of naturopathic advice to restore good hair health: a varied diet rich in nutrients, deep hydration, physical activity, oxygenation, rest, stress management …

To support this return to balance through a healthy lifestyle, certain foods and foods are particularly useful :

Brewer’s yeast :

It provides group B vitamins which play a role in nutrient metabolism and protein synthesis. It also provides zinc which is also found in seafood and shellfish, whole grains, etc. In particular involved in the formation of keratin and collagen.

Iron :

It is essential for the good health of the hair since it is part of the composition of red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Remember to link it to vitamin C to allow its good absorption!

Cysteine ​​and methionine :

These are sulfur-containing amino acids that ensure the resistance of integuments. They are found in fish, meat, Brazil nuts …

Note that spirulina (by coupling it to vitamin C) is a food of choice to largely meet these needs !!!

Silica :

It acts on acidosis and ensures better fixation of minerals. Thus, horsetail or nettle can be added to your daily ration.
Finally, the intake of essential fatty acids must be sufficient and daily.

Of course, some external beauty rituals enhance the action of these dietary measures: castor oil is an excellent regenerating and strengthening hair, the coconut oil , with the lauric acid, nourishes the hair and makes them more shiny and more vigorous.

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