The importance of organic cosmetics for baby’s skin

Die Bedeutung von Bio-Kosmetik für die Babyhaut

Many parents are concerned about the very wide range of baby products. They want the best for their child, but how do they know which products are the best ? The latest study carried out by the NGO ” Women in Europe for a Common Future ” shows that the vast majority of products tested consist of high risk ingredients. This is why we are going to present to you in this article the different advantages of using organic cosmetic care for babies .

Organic cosmetics for babies meet certified quality criteria

Organic baby care is a care product that complies with the requirements of a charter drawn up by several organizations . Certified organic cosmetics must contain 10% of ingredients from organic farming and refuse the use of polluting substances or for which there is doubt about their toxicity.

The percentage of natural ingredients used does not count: some organic cosmetics therefore contain a significant proportion of chemicals . In addition, not all organic cosmetics have a label because this approach involves a significant cost for small businesses. It is therefore quite difficult to navigate between “real organic manufacturers” concerned about the quality of their products and the environment and those who ride the wave of a flourishing market by affixing a green logo or a bucolic photo on their packaging … If you are looking for a minimum guarantee, I advise you to favor labeled products from well-known brands sold in pharmacies …

Organic cosmetics are very important for baby’s skin

The infant’s skin is wonderfully soft and therefore very sensitive. It takes about a year to fully develop and be able to protect itself against external influences .And it is precisely because the baby’s skin is so soft and permeable that its natural development should be hindered as little as possible.

  • The skin of a baby has a neutral pH during the first weeks: deprived of protection by the protective acidic film which protects the cells from harmful external influences, bacteria and fungi. It takes about 6 weeks for the pH to become acidic and the skin to better defend itself
  • The sebaceous glands that form a protective lipid film on the skin are not yet working very well. It is the absence of this film which also explains why babies smell so good.
  • The skin is very permeable by default of the cells of the epidermis being welded together

The differences among certified products

Products that are certified on the basis of Ecocert, BDIH or Nature & Progrès specifications all have the advantage of not containing mineral oils or other problematic substances such as EDTA or synthetic preservatives such as liberators. formaldehyde.

Since there are nevertheless differences among certified products, here are our criteria for quality organic baby care :

  1. Truly natural components, not chemically denatured, such as genuine vegetable oils, butters and plant extracts should play the first role.
  2. Preferably quality components, from organic farming.
  3. When it is essential to chemically modify the natural components, for example for shampoos, the softer substances should be used.
  4. With regard to products like cleansing creams or milks, the part of chemically modified natural components should be kept to a minimum.
  5. The less synthetic chemistry, the better in the end.

Organic baby care brands sold in pharmacies comply with quality charters

The ingredients of organic baby products in pharmacies are always listed in order of importance, the pump-bottle products guarantee better conservation without the addition of chemicals. The fact of varying the brands is of no benefit to the skin and the high price does not indicate the quality of the product.

To find the best products in pharmacies, you have to choose certified organic ranges for babies (such as Weleda bébé or Mustela Bébé for example) and simple products (the fewer ingredients, the better) and look closely at the composition to avoid alcohol, essential oils and dyes .

As a reminder, the study “ Women in Europe for a Common Future ” published in the Figaro, shows that some baby cosmetics are composed of high risk ingredients.

This is why it is important to choose organic cosmetics laboratory products that meet quality charters such as the Weleda Bébé laboratory ( Weleda quality charter ) or Mustela Bébé.

The Mustela brand also confirms that all of their products do not contain MI, MCI and Phenoxyethanol which are the 4 substances considered to be of most concern by the investigation. You can consult the Mustela naturality charter here …


Arnaud. C. (Doctor of Pharmacy)

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