What natural remedies for digestion after Christmas?

Foie gras, turkey in sauce, cheese and butter log with assorted fine chocolates, a cocktail that is a blast for our digestion. After the festivities, it is very common to suffer from digestive heaviness, bloating, intestinal disturbances, liver attacks… Here are some preventive tips to treat yourself naturally and effectively during the festive period..

How to facilitate digestion and avoid bloating during the holiday season?

Bloating is essentially a sensation of swelling in the stomach and is caused by an accumulation of gas in the intestine leading to intestinal distension. Gas comes from air swallowed when eating, and from air in the food, as well as from fermentation during digestion. Bloating is sometimes the result of difficulty digesting animal fats, certain vegetables, carbonated drinks or milk. To prevent abdominal bloating, it is advisable to eat slowly and split your meals, as it is better to eat less at each meal than to eat a large meal. Take a walk after your meal: a 15-minute walk stimulates digestion, thus reducing the formation of intestinal gas. Also change your drinks, avoiding carbonated drinks and chewing gum all the time.

Natural remedies :

1- Sodium bicarbonate
Stomach ache, bloated stomach …Gifrer Sodium Bicarbonate cleanses and deflates in less time than it takes to drink it. One teaspoon in a glass of water after a meal is enough. And there’s nothing to stop you sprinkling it on your recipes, to facilitate digestion in the long term!
2- Organic Digestion Infusion
Organic Digestion Infusion combines 5 plants with beneficial properties to facilitate digestion and make the end of a meal a pleasant moment. Fennel and coriander seeds have a beneficial effect on bloating and the elimination of intestinal gas. Vervain and camomile also facilitate a smooth transit. Liquorice contributes to the pleasant taste of this infusion
3- Digebiane Pileje food supplement (lemon balm, pineapple and papaya)
Food supplements are ultimately very effective in facilitating digestion during holiday meals. Digebiane Pileje tablets are composed of lemon balm extract, pineapple and papaya powder, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.
4- Granules with essential oils Arko Essential
Arko Essential Granules with Essential Oils is a combination of essential oils (Peppermint, Rosemary 1.8 cineole, Ginger, Petit grain bigarade) used in particular to promote digestion and thus regulate intestinal transit. Ideal at the end of a Christmas meal to impress your guests!
5- Lehning L114 Complex
Lehning L114 Digestive Disorders is a hepato-biliary drainer that facilitates digestion and prevents digestive problems due to an unbalanced diet. Protective of the liver and bile ducts, it removes digestive blockages in migraines.
Bon appétit and Best Wishes!
Arnaud. C (Doctor of Pharmacy)

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