What to put in your homeopathic kit for the maternity ward?

Baby’s big day is approaching, and it’s time to look at the famous maternity suitcase, often a source of questions for mothers-to-be, especially for a first baby.

Of course, between the list given by the maternity ward itself, those found on the internet and those of pregnancy books, you already have 15 listings of essentials to take in your maternity suitcase. However, experience has shown that it often lacks a few essentials, including the homeopathic kit!

Why bring a homeopathic maternity kit?

Between moments of intense joy and difficult times, childbirth is a special event in a woman’s life. To live it serenely and face each situation, homeopathy can be an effective solution.

Here is a homeopathic protocol to follow to prepare your body and your mind and give you a little extra help to experience the most beautiful childbirth.

What should a homeopathic maternity kit contain ?

Gelsemium 30CH :

Before entering the delivery room, you risk feeling an emotivity through anticipatory jitters manifested by stress, anxiety, jitters… Rest assured, this is a completely natural behavior. You are about to embark on the great unknown and give life! How to remain impassive in the face of such an event? This strain can also be taken by the dad at the same time as you. He may be just as panicked as you are (if not more).

Dosage: Take 1 dose as soon as the need begins to be felt and the fear is at its peak.

Arnica 9CH :

In order to gently prepare your body to undergo all these changes during the coming hours, this strain is one of the essentials to support your body during effort during childbirth, and in the aftermath of aches and bruises after the delivery.

Dosage: Take 1 dose when entering the delivery room, then take 5 granules 2 times a day after delivery until the end of the tube.

China rubra (officinalis) 9CH :

After childbirth, your body is exhausted, it has drawn on all your strength to give birth to a wonder. This strain will therefore be your ally to help you recover quickly. It is indicated in general weakness and all suffering resulting from blood loss.

Dosage: Take 5 granules twice a day from the day after childbirth until complete recovery.

Apis mellifica 15CH in combination with Bryonia alba 9CH: :

If you choose to breastfeed your baby, this synergy can be very useful to you to soothe the pains caused by the congestion of the first milky surges, or even in case of vulvar edema.

Dosage: Take 5 granules of each strain at each feeding.

Staphysagria 15CH :

In the event of an episiotomy, this strain will be of great help to you in relieving the tenderness due to the consequences of an injury.

Dosage: Take 5 granules twice a day until sensitivity improves.

Alfalfa 6DH en association avec Ricinus 5CH :

If you choose to breastfeed your baby, but after your baby is delivered, your first flow of milk is desired, this synergy can help you stimulate lactation.

Dosage: Take 5 granules 3 to 6 times a day for several weeks.



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