Homeopathic treatments for hoarseness and aphonia of the voice

The hoarseness corresponds to an alteration of the voice and the aphony to a loss of voice . These dysphonias have their origin in an attack of the larynx , the origin of which will eventually have to be specified, and are easily treated with suitable homeopathic treatments.

Why the choice of homeopathic treatments for dysphonia?

Homeopathy is active:

  • In hoarseness and aphonias caused by vocal overwork , or in dysphonias of the asthenic subject.
  • In hoarseness or aphonias of non-specific infectious origin of recent appearance. As in these cases it is most often of a viral origin , it is advisable to take a dose of Oscillococcinum as soon as possible , to be repeated six hours later, as clinical use has shown the effectiveness of this drug in early viral diseases.

Which homeopathic treatments to choose for hoarseness due to vocal overwork?

Arum triphtyyllum :

This drug is indicated in hoarseness with bitonal voice : the timbre of the voice varies constantly, sometimes clear, sometimes veiled, depending on the tone.

Dosage : Take in 5CH, 5 granules every 2 hours, spacing out following improvement.

Rhus toxicodendron :

This drug is indicated in hoarseness which presents the characteristic modality of pathogenesis: improvement by movement. Hoarseness does not appear until the beginning of speech or singing, then it gradually improves, but then reappears with fatigue.

Dosage : Take Rhus toxicodendron in 7 or 9CH, 5 granules 1 to 2 times in the hour preceding the voice test.

Arnica :

The Arnica montana is indicated when hoarseness is the result of excessive fatigue of the vocal cords : aphonia after having talked too much, too much shouting, too sang, etc.

Dosage : Take in 9CH, 5 granules 2 to 4 times a day.

Argentum metallicum :

This homeopathic medicine is particularly indicated in pharyngitis of singers or speakers : hoarseness or aphonia with sensation of sore in the larynx. Worsening when coughing, swallowing or talking. The cough can especially produce thick, grayish or slimy phlegm.

Dosage : Take in 5CH, 5 granules every 2 hours. Space according to improvement.

Argentum nitricum :

It is best to take this medicine if the person especially experiences a stinging sensation in the throat like a splinter , with constant need to “clear their throat”. Hoarseness of the Argentum nitricum type can also have an emotional causation, for example stage fright.

Dosage : Take in 5CH, 5 granules every 2 hours. Space according to improvement.

Manganum aceticum :

This medication is more especially suitable for hoarseness caused by damp cold or by prolonged speech. Sensation of prickling from the larynx to the ears . Untreated, this hoarseness is frequently complicated by bronchitis.

Dosage : Take in 5CH, 2 to 4 times a day. Space according to improvement.

Causticum :

This drug finds its indication in the cases of paralysis of the vocal cords after important vocal efforts or viral infections. Hoarseness is worse in the morning , with a feeling of a raw larynx . It is improved by drinking a sip of cold water .

Dosage : Take in 7CH, 5 granules 2 to 4 times a day depending on the acuity of the case. Space according to improvement.

Phosphorus :

This medication is to be taken in case of aggravated hoarseness in the evening and in the first part of the night. The larynx is very painful and the patient cannot speak because of the pain.

Dosage : Take in 7CH, 5 granules 2 to 4 times a day depending on the acuity of the case. Space according to improvement.

Magnesia carbonica and Graphites :

These two drugs are recommended for women who have sore throat with aphonia , respectively before Magnesia carbonica , or during menstruation ( Graphites ).

Dosage : Take 5 CH or 7 CH, 5 granules 2 times a day, a few days before the usually expected time of the troubles.

Which homeopathic treatments to choose in the event of dysphonias in asthenic subjects?

In these cases, it is a question of functional dysphonias occurring in asthenics for physical reasons or by emotional overwork . Anxiety causes muscle tightness and improper use of the air column in these people. It is therefore advisable to take, in addition to one of the preceding medicaments, a medicament corresponding to the overall reaction mode of these persons, until the improvement of fatigue or anxiety .

Phosphoricum acidum :

Indicated in asthenics after emotional shocks or after overwork , this drug should be a reflex.

Dosage: Take in 15 CH, one or 2 weekly doses.

Kalium phosphoricum :

This medication is indicated in asthenics when nervous irritability is added after overwork.

Dosage : Take in 9CH, once a day.

Ignatia :

Whenever one finds extreme irritability and hyperesthesia of all senses , with a feeling of a lump in the throat, as well as a need to sigh, Ignatia amara is the strain par excellence. The whole symptomatology is also accompanied by paradoxical modalities .

Dosage : Take in 9CH, 5 granules each morning upon waking.



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