Rhino horn and nasal hygiene: a gesture too often forgotten

rhino horn

The washing of the nose should be part of our daily rituals, just like any other gesture of personal hygiene . However, it is clear that few of us are doing it.
Too restrictive? Cultural barrier? Or a matter of habit?

Nasal hygiene

The nasal hygiene , practiced primarily in infants , is nevertheless a simple gesture to the many benefits. It prevents and helps relieve rhinitis , sinusitis and other disorders of the ENT (respiratory) tract. It reduces snoring and would have an effect on anosmia (or loss of smell).
The nose can be washed using physiological serum, as for babies, with seawater-based sprays , sulfur or not, but also with rhino horn.

But there is a cheaper and more durable solution, known to Yoga practitioners: Jala neti . The Indians, who attach importance to breathing, practice this nasal cleansing using a very simple instrument available to everyone: the lota (a kind of small funnel adapted to the anatomy of the nose). This involves filling the lota with lukewarm water and adding fleur de sel and / or nigari (natural magnesium chloride). The proportion is 9 grams of salt per liter of water, or about ½ teaspoon for the content of the lota . It is possible to add ½ teaspoon of nigari for its anti-infective properties.


The right gestures

The nose wash is practiced over a sink, tilting the head, chin tucked against the throat. Water enters through one nostril and leaves through the other. It should not run down the throat (adjust your position if it does).
Use half the water for the first nostril, then do the same for the other, turning your head to the other side.
Once the rinsing is done, it is imperative to dry your nostrils well, exhaling gently and blowing for a long time, one nostril at a time.
Cleaning the nose can be done once or twice a day, and more in the event of sinusitis or occasional congestion.

In France, it is possible to find in pharmacies the RHINO HORN , made of hard, recyclable and ecological plastic (HDPE).

Delphine L., naturopath


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