Herpes or cold sore from the naturopathic point of view

The figures are astonishing: 9 million French people develop cold sores each year! Depending on the country, 50 to 90% of the population is infected with this virus! By the age of 4, 75% of children have already been in contact with this highly contagious virus.

What is herpes?

Herpes labialis or cold sore is a benign condition for the majority of people that we would gladly do without. Inconvenient, unsightly and painful, it manifests itself in flare-ups and is often located on or around the lips. It can also appear or spread on the nose, even inside the nasal cavities, on a cheek or on the chin. Sometimes it can be located near the eye.

The virus in question is called HSV-1 (Herpes simplex virus type 1). HSV-2, on the other hand, is associated with genital herpes .

Once infected with HSV-1, you are a carrier and the virus remains present in the body for life, without necessarily expressing itself. Mat in the nerve ganglia located at the base of the skull, it is revealed on the occasion of a weakening of the immune system .

The herpes button takes the form of vesicles agglomerated on the same area, filled with a clear liquid. The first symptoms are an unpleasant tingling sensation that announces the rash. A fever may occur.

After several days, these vesicles begin to rupture and then dry out to give way to scabs which will eventually fall off after a good week.

The virus is reactivated on many occasions: severe fatigue, general infection with fever, shock, the arrival of menstruation, too intense exposure to the sun, or even the use of certain medications (corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, etc.) .

Like any disorder manifesting itself through a symptom, the main issue is that of the proper functioning of the immune system and in this, naturopathy provides effective answers.

What solutions exist to facilitate healing?

From the first tingling, taking magnesium chloride can be recommended to promote the healing process , and sometimes even stop the development of the pimple. Two or three doses of a preparation (a 20g sachet mixed with 1L of water) given three hours apart, then every six hours, as for treating any acute illness.

Grapefruit seed extract , immune stimulant and natural anti-infective , is a supplement of choice in case of herpes. It can be used internally or locally. The dosage must be established with your pharmacist according to the concentration of the chosen extract.

Logically, rest is necessary since the eruption of the button, remember, is consecutive to a weakening of the immune system .

To limit the extent of the lesions, and promote their disappearance, here are some tested and approved tips:

  • Locally, alternate the application of diluted grapefruit seed extract and essential oils: tea-tree , niaouli or even ravintsara can be applied, pure (1 drop) or diluted with hazelnut vegetable oil . The whole thing is to renew the applications a minimum of 5 times a day (corresponding to the rate of renewal of the virus).
  • Boosting your immunity is the second act towards healing. A cure of echinacea or eleutherococcus will be particularly interesting. Similarly, a supply of spirulina and natural vitamin C will help the body regain its balance.
  • A protocol defined by your homeopathic doctor will act on outbreaks and may prevent recurrences.
  • Finally, to encourage drying, the application of clay poultices will have quick effects.

Upstream, and this is the main thing, it is a question of maintaining the proper functioning of your immune system , by all the means at our disposal: correct diet and rhythm of life, beneficial intestinal flora, emotional management, respect for the needs of our body, phytotherapeutic or food supplementation when the need arises.

Advice should be tailored to each individual, depending on the specific terrain . In individuals prone to the appearance of herpes pimples, we can preventively take natural antiviral cures (echinacea, astragalus) during periods when fatigue is felt, and supplement with lysine annually . Indeed, lysine (amino acid) plays a role in the reactivation of the virus: therefore consume fish, nutritional yeast, legumes, fruits and vegetables, apple juice, cranberry, soy. Conversely, arginine (contained in chocolate, oilseeds, sunflower and sesame seeds) is an amino acid favorable to the proliferation of the VHS-1 virus.

On the homeopathic side

This strain is to be given systematically! It is a biotherapeutic prepared from smallpox vaccine.

Dosage : Take 1 dose as soon as you feel a rash.

Apis mellifica is useful in local heat sensation, associated edema and stinging sensation improved by cold. Rhus tox , on the other hand, is used in case of small vesicles of clear and transparent liquid grouped in clusters and itching improved by heat.

Dosage : Take 5 granules every hour alternately as soon as you feel a sting.

This strain is used in case of thick whitish or brownish crusts and pruritus.

Dosage : Take 5 pellets 3 times a day until healing.

Herpes is therefore not a fatality, even if it is often experienced as such. It is indeed the sign of an “overflow” of fatigue, activity, organic overload. So get to know your warning signs!


Delphine L., Naturopath

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