How to prevent fall fatigue?

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You-you feel tired, overworked, depressed, you have no energy, have trouble getting up in the morning and do not find your tone? … So many signs of a loss of energy that often appear in the fall. Some dietary supplements based on selenium, vitamin C, magnesium, guarana or even green tea can help you strengthen your body to attack the winter in great shape.

Choose food supplements to boost the shape all day

Rather than boosting your coffee, you should focus on a dietary supplement program over time (1 or 2 months) that will allow you to recover effectively. It is advisable to choose supplements based on guarana, Acerola, vitamin C, ginseng, and spirulina. It is also recommended to use complete formulas based on minerals, trace elements, as well as the hive products such as the Royal Organic Jelly which offers excellent sources of nutrients to keep in shape.

Supplementing before winter to strengthen its natural defenses

Try the royal jelly which is a veritable treasure of benefits. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it will lessen your fatigue, allowing you to be relaxed. Take a echinacea to help your body cope with winter aggression, prevent and cure small diseases. The Aromaforce Natural defense solution will naturally boost your immunity and protect you from viruses and microbes

Adapting your hygiene of life to naturally fight the fatigue of autumn

It is recognized that the taking of anti-fatigue dietary supplements such as magnesium chloride (dark chocolate) helps to combat moral fatigue during stressful times and this essential mineral is particularly renowned for having a slight effect Euphoric. Consume a maximum of vitamin C-rich foods such as lemon to facilitate iron absorption and effectively combat fatigue. In fact, mix in a glass of water, a juice of half a lemon and a little honey 100% natural (which contains minerals, vitamins, iron and trace elements), 3 to 4 times a day to regain tone and vitality. Practicing a minimum of physical activity such as sport (walking, cycling, swimming) will promote a restful sleep because the fatigue felt will be good fatigue. Drinking a lot of water is very important for fatigue also, it moisturizes the body. Exposing yourself to the sun while protecting your skin will allow you to fill in vitamin D and put balm to the heart for a radiant mood.

Magnesium and Omega 3 to fight stress and regain a restful sleep

You are nervous, irritable and you do not manage to sleep well… Some nutritional supplements help to limit the effect of stress and overwork on a daily basis. ArkOcean Laboratories Arkopharma For example, with marine magnesium and vitamin B6 is an ideal nutritional supplement to combat stress. Scientific studies have shown that 70% of the French do not cover the nutritional reference values (VNR) of magnesium (300 mg) by their diet. which can result in a bad nervous and muscular balance. Supplementation is therefore essential. Promote B vitamins and omega-3s, which act on our emotional balance. Clinical reviews show a 50% reduction in depressions in omega-3 consumers (at least 1g/day of EPA). It is found in food supplements based on fish oils or blackcurrant seed oils. If you are having trouble falling asleep, opt for evening brews or herbal food supplements such as lime, valerian, Hawthorn, Melissa, hops or feverfew. So many nutrients that will help you find quiet nights and a restful sleep. It is necessary to avoid long-term supplementation and to prefer three-week cures, especially to seasonal changes. Focus on dietary supplements that offer balanced nutrient combinations and refer to recommended intake. This general dosage is given as an indication. For more information, ask your pharmacist for advice.


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