Treat your hair naturally with vegetable oils

Is your hair dry, curly or kinky? Brittle? Damaged by the colors or the sun? Or even worse, all at once? Making an oil bath is an essential care to nourish and revitalize the hair.Vegetable oils have many benefits. Get to know them and simply perform a tailor-made care tailored to the nature and needs of your hair.

Treating your hair with vegetable oils

It is recommended at first to apply a bath to organic vegetable oils to treat your hair dry and damaged. This treatment involves applying a vegetable oil to the hair, or a mixture of several oils, and letting it act before making a shampoo. Also know that you can use vegetable butters such as organic shea butter, or mango butter. This allows to nourish in depth the hair, even very dry and damaged, to make them shine, to avoid the appearance of the forks and also to stimulate their growth. To make your bath with vegetable oils, just coat your hair with organic vegetable oil, some are more suitable than others, and leave to act as long as possible. It all depends on the condition of your hair, if it is very damaged, it is advisable to make a bath of vegetable oil 2 times a week. Then just space the applications, once a week, once every 15 days see just once a month when you feel the need. It is very important to adapt your care and frequencies in relation to the needs of your hair and especially to your type.

A vegetable oil for each type of hair

~ Dry Hair Care: sweet almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil or wheat germ.

Dry hair is hair that lacks water and sebum. The latter, whose role is to hydrate the scalp, does not (or less) fill its normal function, which gives rise to more or less dull and brittle hair, with a loss of elasticity and more or less forked tips. This is the type of hair that requires the most nourishing baths based on vegetable oils.

  • Sweet almond oil and organic avocado vegetable oil for dry (or dry) hair makes the hair very soft while nourishing it.
  • Coconut oil, recommended for dry and brittle hair, is a nourishing oil that repairs damaged hair by sea water, swimming pool or chemical dyes.
  • The vegetable oil of wheat germ, of thick and thickened texture, used for dry and damaged hair, revitalizes the hair, nourishes and repairs them from the root to the tips. But unlike coconut oil, it has a pretty strong odor, which can be remedied by mixing it with another vegetable oil.
  • Abyssinia oil in a mask is recommended for Afro-cuts, frizzy, dry and/or curly hair.

These oils very rich in fatty acids and vitamins bring lipids to the driest hair to nourish them in depth, while offering them a soft and velvety touch.

~ Fatty Hair Care: jojoba vegetable oil and hazelnut vegetable oil.

Oily hair is a hair that is affected by excessive sebum production in the scalp, which gives rise to a heavy hair appearance. In reality, we are talking about fatty scalp, because the hair itself is never affected by excess sebum. The mixed hair is characterized by a greasy scalp and dry lengths and tips. For fatty scalps leathers, organic jojoba vegetable oils and organic hazelnut vegetable oil will regulate excess sebum. These sebo-regulating oils will rééquiliber the scalp and moisturize it without heavier hair.

~ Natural Hair Care: argan oil and olive oil.

Normal hair is the type of hair that can receive as many vegetable oils as it is not subject to excess sebum, or drought,

  • The organic Argan oil, very used by the Moroccan moisturizes perfectly the scalp and brings it all the necessary elements to have healthy hair.
  • Normal hair can also receive the benefits of olive oil, which nourishes, moisturizes, repairs and softens the hair to offer you soft, shiny hair.

~ Fine Hair Care: coconut vegetable oil, castor and olive oil.

Fine hair subject to frequent falls, especially at every change of season, have as much right to offer a care to their hair. If some vegetable oils weigh down the hair and are not recommended for fine hair, some oils are designed to promote hair growth without diminishing their volume.

  • To reduce hair falls, it is advisable to use coconut oil for dry hair to promote hair growth.
  • For oily hair and prone to falls, it is the castor oil that is to be preferred. Through a massage of the scalp, this very effective oil will stimulate the bulb of the hair and in the long term, grow hair at the level of the bald areas. Castor oil is also used to grow and thicken the horse’s mane. Castor oil is also suitable for fine and fragile hair, which need to be fortified. She’s going to give them body, mass, whatever they’re looking for. The hair lacking in volume will also gain mass with Cade oil.
  • Finally, olive oil also slows down hair loss and limits their thinning. On the other hand, it has the disadvantage of being difficult to rinse.

To take full advantage of your vegetable oil bath care, it is important to keep your oil in a dry place, sheltered from light and heat. You can also keep it in the fridge. In this case, if the mixture solidifies, it is enough to spend a few moments under a trickle of hot water so that it regains its fluidity. Finally, pay attention to the smell of your product. In case of a pronounced rancid odour, do not use it.

Product Coup de coeur

CYTOLNAT CYTOLCAP Revitalizing oil 220ML 1. An oil complex rich in Omegas 3, 6, 9 and vitamin B5: The complex consists of 6 different oils (castor, grape seed, soybean, sunflower, sweet almond, wheat germ) that give the products nourishing, protective and Remedial 2. An extract of mauve: mauve participates in the hair strengthening properties of the product. It also has an emollient action that makes the hair supple and softened. 3. Vitamin E: Known to inhibit the oxidation of capillary cells, 4. Vitamin A: Whose action opposes the hardening of the hair follicles and thus the fall of


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